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Welcome to the newest edition of GH Pulse. The most exciting eCommerce season is here, and we are glad to share how retail businesses are preparing to accelerate revenue growth this OND.
The upcoming festive season is set to witness the highest-ever participation from D2C brands. While mobile and electronics have traditionally dominated, this year it's expected to decline as other categories gain momentum.
With the Indian economy showing strong growth and private consumption on the rise, there is an anticipation of an 18-20% increase in the e-commerce sector’s GMV, reaching INR 90,000 Cr this festive season. This growth is attributed to a mix of factors, including higher margin categories like Beauty & Personal Care, Home & General Merchandise and of course, Fashion.
To assist sellers, including D2C brands and create a smooth passage, the leading marketplace, Amazon India recently launched Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF), providing access to over 20,000 pin codes and last-mile coverage while managing orders from multiple channels, including brands’ own websites. This initiative promises swift shipping, faster delivery and improved order management.
The OND quarter is brimming with potential, offering exciting opportunities for D2C brands with well-mapped merchandise planning, a robust tech stack to support growth and the right digital strategies to make bang for the buck.
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