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The conundrum famously articulated by John Wanamaker, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half," has perplexed retailer marketers for decades. This dilemma remains ever-present, challenging today's eRetail businesses to navigate the complexities of deriving meaningful ROI from the digital channels of commerce. Reckoning the media mix or investments in performance marketing and brand marketing for optimal acquisition and higher CLTV (consumer lifetime value) has recently become the subject of scrutiny in the world of digital commerce.
While eCommerce is poised to claim a share of 11.4% in the overall Indian retail market by 2026, the burgeoning complexity of marketing tech stacks poses difficulty for marketers to understand how to craft a unique scale journey for their brand online. Despite investments in cutting-edge technologies to stay competitive, the steep learning curve in data analytics is taking some time for marketers to see substantial returns on their investments. A critical gap emerges as retail brands struggle to transform copious amounts of data into actionable insights and strategic decisions.
The recent report by BCG indicates an upward momentum for the retail industry projected to grow at the rate of 9-10% expected to reach a market potential of $2 Trillion in the next decade. In the times to come, and as we stand on the brink of a retail renaissance, there is an established consensus within the industry that brands must perfect the art of delivering unparalleled omnichannel experiences to claim a considerable share-of-voice and wallet among digital consumers.
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