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Welcome to the latest edition of GH Pulse, your go-to source for insights into the dynamic realm of Digital Commerce. In this issue, we delve into the transformative impact of omnichannel retail on shopping trends, highlighting how digital-native consumers are shaping the future of commerce.
The seamless integration of online and offline experiences is not a question anymore but an answer to drive the next phase of retail businesses. A recent report suggests that the impact of digital media is transcending phygital boundaries. A staggering 80% of shoppers conduct online research before making in-store purchases. Furthermore, the decision-making process of 76% of online buyers is significantly influenced by social proof, such as shares, comments, and reviews, while 75% are swayed by favourable return policies.
This evolving consumer landscape underscores the importance of providing a holistic omnichannel experience. Today, global brands are catering to a diverse range of digital users, from the Digital Savvy, who are comfortable making online purchases, to Digital Natives, who see no distinction between online and offline shopping. With the Digital Alpha generation now coming of age, in a few years we will have 1 billion consumers shopping with a digital-first mindset.
As brands are navigating these complexities, Generative AI is emerging as a powerful ally with its ability to analyze customer preferences, behaviours, and purchase histories, it is also helping retailers execute at speed through the creation of dynamic advertising, optimizing resources, and enhancing efficiency giving leverage to be brand and product-focused for differentiation than ever.
Industry Events
Panel Discussion
Customer First: Enhancing Customer Experience Across Touchpoints
Navin Joshua
Founder & Director, GreenHonchos
Panel Discussion
Shaping the Future of Lifestyle eCommerce: Strategies for Success in a Digital World
K Ram Sudhirr
Director - Acquisition & Growth (GCC)
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Brand Film Produced by GH Studio
for Crocodile
Crocodile launched the "Vibrant Vacation" campaign, which has gained international acclaim, including a feature on 'Ads of the World'.
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